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About the Planet

Vedra is a circumbinary planet, meaning it orbits two stars instead of one. While the planet is universally desert, it has a variety of climate zone classifications, ranging from tundra to high desert to desert. Water is supplied to the surface by a number of interconnected subterranean oceans. Temperatures on the surface range from -30C in the mountainous regions to 55 C in the vast white sand deserts. Flora and fauna evolved to survive—even thrive— in the harsh, water-deprived conditions. The population of Vedra is approximately 2.2 billion.

a second sun

While Vedra now orbits two suns, this was not always the case. Approximately a millennium ago, during Vedra's Golden Age, the gravitational pull of Tarz, Vera's primary sun, pulled the second sun, Rolm, into its orbit. There was a massive climactic shift after this astrological event. The once verdant Vedra began its rapid shift to a desert planet.

Circumbinary Orbit

Though rain was never a major contributing factor to maintaining the water table, its absence, along with increased temperatures, did create a major challenge for all life on the planet. The technologically advanced society fell, issuing in the Rolmian Age. The inception of the current isolationist, technologically-truncated political culture can be traced back to the struggles of this era.

Like Earth, Vedra has sedimentary density layers. The core of the planet is iron, as is Earth's. It is surrounded by a superheated liquid core. A glacial layer is next, varying between 65 – 85 km below the planet's surface. The next layer is the subterranean oceans, which are virtually contiguous. After that is a lace-like rock, created by volcanic activity.  While not much is known about this pervious material it is highly conductive.


Energy created by the movement of the planet's core is captured and transported through the sponge-like rock to the surface. The end result is a greater occurrence of electrical potential between unrelated objects.


Vedra's Conformation

The Economy

Vedra is a water-based economy, meaning the majority of the overall economy is connected to or dependent on the mining, processing, sale, or use of water. Because water is required for production of many other goods, as well as consumer uses, events that affect the supply and demand of water have significant effects on all other areas of the economy. Political events can have an impact on water supply as well as demand, and in turn, water supply and demand can influence politics.


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